Welcome to the Miracle of Surrender, a weekly substack Publication.

I’m Aby Vohra.

Your Life Purpose is to Awaken and bring awareness into this world.

Here, you will realize your inner and outer purpose, thereby creating the more joyful life, relationships, and work you are born to do.

The Miracle of Surrender is for you, if

  • You had a shift in consciousness, and suddenly, the person you thought you were for your whole life wasn't really who you are now!

  • You are pondering why some people achieve enduring spiritual awakening and live permanently in the present moment, while others are stuck in suffering, oscillating between conscious and unconscious states of mind.

  • Whatever resonated with you before was not resonating with you anymore. Your career, habits, relationships, inclinations, and likings all fell apart.

  • You feel continuous anxiety or feeling "out of place." It felt like the end of your "known" world.

  • You are suffering through tremendous physical and emotional pain.

  • A significant reorientation took place in your life, and you pondered, what do I do with my life? What's my role? What's my relationship with my family, friends, wife, and children?

  • You are confused and thinking, why is awakening not blissful and free from negative states?

If you are ready to awaken I can help you in 3 ways:

  1. Download my Free ebook: The Courage To Awaken

  2. This Course is the direct way to Spiritual Awakening - The Courage To Awaken

  3. Book 1-to-1 session with me to transform your life’s biggest challenge

About me

How I Lost Everything and Gained My Life Back in 2008!

My main intention in creating this platform is that you don't have to go through the struggles, frustrations, and challenges that I went through because I never had any guidance or support after a spiritual awakening happened to me.

In 2008, Near my 30th Birthday, I experienced some profound loss and pain in life to be drawn to the spiritual dimension. And I got awakened. Now I usually live in peace by being ONE with the present moment!

The Dark Night of the Soul

After my Spiritual Awakening, I encountered The Dark Night of the Soul. It was a long, depressing, dark experience that continued for what I felt like an eternity. It lasted for 9 years.

During the Dark Night of the Soul, I feel a sense of being lost. My heart was continuously filled with anxiety as if my world, with its known habits and conditioning, was coming to an end.

This was because, after a spiritual awakening, my conditioned mind pattern was dying. While it was dying, my mind made me feel miserable by re-identifying myself with its old dysfunctional patterns.

Eventually, I got through the Dark Night of the Soul. Now, I live in eternal Peace by surrendering to my Inner Being.

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On surrendering your mind inward & realizing your True Self. You are not your mind, body, thoughts and emotions. You are the awareness who observes them.


I write to help you realize your primary purpose in life: that you are not your mind and body. You are not your thoughts, emotions, or experiences. You are the awareness who observes them.